Skin Accumax Super Size 180 Capsules

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Top before & after

Duration taking Skin Accumax™: 7 months

Dosage taken: 4 capsules per day


Bottom Before & After

Duration taking Skin Accumax™: 6 months

Dosage taken: 4 capsules per day  

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 Skin Accumax is a patented skincare supplement for those who suffer from all levels of blemish-prone skin. Unlike topical creams this formula works from within to restore natural radiance and clarify and clear the complexion.

No chemicals - doesn't contain harsh chemicals and won't cause dryness or flakiness

Active Ingredients - contains key active ingredients for those prone to blemishes

One of a kind - contains a ground breaking ingredient that has been granted a patent. There's no other product like Skin Accumax

Feeds every skin cell - It supports all areas of affected  skin such as face, chest, back and shoulders.



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