Introducing the PRX-T33 bio-revitalisation

  • This non-invasive treatment could:
  • remove and smooth, fine lines and wrinkles on your face;
  • treat or prevent premature skin aging on your face, neck or breast area;
  • treat stretchmarks anywhere on the body;
  • improve common skin problems, such as acne, melasma (brown patches on the face) or other hyperpigmentation

As you can see from the picture, it is a highly effective treatment which will produce amazing results 

Course of 5 £800 includes serum and moisturiser with a product value of £140.

PRX T33 before after 1
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What is the PRX – T33?

The innovative PRX-T33 facial is a non-invasive treatment for men and women.
It diminishes the appearance of wrinkles, scarring and colour changes by delivering a potent, intensely hydrating gel deep into your epidermis.

Afterwards your skin looks visibly improved and supple, stimulating collagen growth, the building block for dewy, younger looking skin.

At the core of the PRX-T33 anti-aging facial is a unique gel combining low concentration hydrogen peroxide – a naturally-occurring substance – and TCA (Trichloroacetic acid) commonly used in light chemical peels.

It is completely safe to use and is suitable for all age groups, from treating acne to reducing and preventing signs of aging in face, neck and breast skin.

Attractive beautiful beauty 1458248
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What happens in the treatment?

  • Following a consultation to discuss your skin concerns, your skin will be cleansed thoroughly.
  • The PRX-T33 gel solution will then be applied to your face (or other area being treated), with a soft brush or mild rubbing technique.
  • Further applications may be given depending on the area of face or body you are targeting and skin thickness.
  • Your skin will then be cleansed with water and a deeply nourishing skin-specific moisturiser applied.

After 24-48 hours of the treatment

  • A special serum called ‘wiqo’ at night should be applied. This moisturises and acidifies the skin.
  • 30 minutes later, a moisturiser needs to be applied.
  • Repeat the serum application every night for 3 – 5 nights
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Why is the PRX-T33 so popular?

The beauty of this cutting-edge facial is

  • there are visible results after the first treatment (although 5 are suggested)
  • this relaxing treatment is needle-free;
  • there’s no down time, each treatment can take 30 minutes, so you can carry on with work, socialising or whatever else you had planned for your day; and
  • It can be completed in conjunction with other facial treatments
Facials lincoln
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Before and after

Amazing results after 5 treatments.

Image Credit Schwarzkopf Professional

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