All the team members at John & Associates, hair and beauty salon in Tattershall do, as we have completed the accreditation of MASCED (Melanoma And Skin Cancer Early Detection). This increases our knowledge in identifying suspicious lesions and detecting the early signs of skin cancer and advising our clients to take action.

As hair and beauty industry professionals in Lincolnshire we are in a unique position to potentially save lives.

We see our clients on a regular basis and have the opportunity to observe changes that may occur on their skin, particularly in areas that they may not be able to see themselves. Whether our team are shampooing and cutting your hair, carrying out a massage or a manicure they’re constantly observing for any suspicious lesions.

Although the vast majority of all skin cancers are preventable, the disease remains the UK’s most common and fastest rising cancer and lack of knowledge regarding the early signs is widespread.

We can’t diagnose – this is a job for a trained professional. However by increasing and maintaining our knowledge we could spot something suspicious. We can give advice and recommend clients see a professional to get it checked out. So if a member of our team suggests they’ve spotted something that needs further investigation – please follow it up with your GP or dermatologist.

It’s a common misconception that using a sunbed will prepare or protect the skin before going abroad – it won’t! Salons who have tanning beds will sell clients sunbed courses based on this fallacy – it’s untrue and is the main reason we don’t have any! They just increase cumulative damage and risk. Sunbeds also cause premature ageing, sagging, wrinkling and blotching. We offer skin treatments which improve all of these things so we wouldn’t sell you something that undoes all of their benefits.

John & Associates provides a range of hair, aesthetics, health & beauty treatments. Our salon is situated in the village of Tattershall in Lincolnshire where it has been since 1964.

Image Credit Schwarzkopf Professional

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