If you would like your hair lightening in any way, whether it be for balayage, highlights or you want to go the whole hog and have a scalp application you are going to need a blonde hair expert to do it for you.

At John & Associates our stylists are specialists in blonde hair. They understand the lightening process, how to balance it with maintaining the condition of your hair and they understand what it is you want to achieve.

To ensure your hair lifts evenly, we work cleanly and neatly to ensure precise placement of the product on your hair. Our attention to detail and the techniques we use will make a difference to your finished result.

Our stylists train regularly with the best in the industry so when you choose us you will always have the most up to date knowledge & advice available to you.

We know that trusting a hairdresser with your crowning glory is a big decision to make. Below we’ve answered a few questions you may have.

You can book a consultation anytime with one of our stylists via our online booking or by calling us on 01526 342309 during salon opening hours.

Why do I need to come in for a consultation?

We take our time over our consultations to explain the process. Everyone sees blonde differently so we thoroughly discuss with you your target shade so you can be sure we’re on the same path as you. We can test the strength and health of your hair, get to know your hair colour history, be sure that we can overcome any inconsistencies from previous hair colouring, and make sure that we’re happy to go ahead with the service.

It also gives us the opportunity to carry out the relevant skin tests for you to check for any allergies. This needs to be done at least 48 hours in advance of your appointment with us.

If you’ve seen a colour or tone that you like, bring pictures along to your consultation. Your stylist will know which techniques have been used to achieve the look and will also know if a filter has been used over the photo so we can be realistic about what can be achieved.

At your consultation your stylist will be able to provide you with a quote. Our prices are based on the length and thickness of your hair and the processes involved to achieve your desired result. We need to see you in person to provide an accurate quote.

We include an in-salon application of K18 repair hair mask if required with our hair lightening services. Many salons charge an extra fee for this service - we don't! If your hair needs K18, that's what it gets! K18 is a leave-in treatment that reverses hair damage, giving strength, softness, smoothness and bounce to your hair. 

Blonde hair highlights 2

What do you mean by hair colour history? Why do you need to know this?

Your hair grows at an average rate of 1.25 centimetres (1/2 inch) per month. If your hair is 60 centimetres (23 inches) long it will mean the ends of your hair will have been growing from your head for 4 years or perhaps more! So those ends will have been subjected to every colour process you have had done in that time. This is particularly relevant if you like to change the colour of your hair frequently or have previously gone from dark to blonde and back again. Although the tests we carry out will reveal what previous damage there is within your hair and any previous colour that is still under the layers of colour. It’s really helpful if you make us aware during your initial consultation. Spilling the beans at the outset can avoid any surprises down the line. 

How often do I need to get my roots done?

This depends on the process you and your stylist decide upon.

Full head application will need a retouch every 5-6 weeks, this helps to avoid banding and maintain consistency.

More rooted looks such as highlights have a less noticeable grow out. So, with this option you can go up to 8 weeks before you need a retouch.

Balayage has a less noticeable regrowth so this option will give the longest without a retouch. We recommend every 12 weeks. However, the toner over your balayage will need refreshing regularly. We recommend our balayage maintenance bundle which includes your toner and a cut and finish to keep your ends fresh.

Our stylists take great care when applying product to ensure they don’t overlap. This is where a lot of hairdressers go wrong and it is where damage to the hair is caused.

Why do I need a toner?

Toning is the most important of the hair colouring process. This is where your final colour comes from. When we lighten your hair, it is very rare that you will want it to be left in its raw state. Toners neutralise warmth, brassiness and unwanted undertones. If desired they can also be used to personalise your colour by adding tone. If you would like for example an icy platinum, rose gold or honey blonde you will need a toner applying to achieve that.

Toners can also be used if you fancy having some fun with pastel shades.

Toners aren’t just for blondes. They can add shine without affecting the colour. Similar to a clear lip gloss, clear hair glosses reflect light giving a super glossy varnish like effect. So also, a must for redheads and brunettes.

The condition of your hair will have a major effect on the longevity of your toner. Hair that is in poor condition (porous) has an open cuticle layer and will feel rough. This can cause your toner to wash out quickly as your hair is unable to retain the colour pigments. 

Blonde hair highlights 3 pastels

Why can’t I just have a toner?

Toners don’t lighten or permanently alter the colour of hair, but rather adds a tone over it. If we want the toner to be seen in its true colour, we need to lighten the base first.

What do I need to do to maintain my blonde hair?

It’s no secret that blonde hair is higher maintenance. Your stylist will discuss with you prior to going ahead the commitment regarding costs and time that will be involved to keep your blonde hair looking and feeling its best. It’s a team effort, we will do our bit in the salon and you will need to do your part at home between your regular appointments so together we can achieve the look you would like and maintain the condition and strength of your hair.

The commitment involved isn’t for everyone so our stylists are happy to suggest lower maintenance options if required.

On the day of your appointment your stylist will give you a step-by-step guide of how to use your recommended homecare products. Our products are really concentrated and when used correctly will last a lot longer than supermarket bought products. Don’t be tempted to save them for special occasions, use them each time you wash and dry your hair and you will reap the benefits.

Why does my blonde hair go brassy?

There’s nothing worse than loving your bright icy tones only for your hair to turn dark & brassy within a few weeks. It breaks us inside too when we see it. Here’s why it happens and what you need to do to between appointments to take home our expertise and prevent it from happening to your hair.

Your stylists will recommend a Schwarzkopf Professional shampoo and treatment to neutralise warmth and preserve tones between your appointments. They have a few they can choose from depending on your hair so ask your stylist which they recommend for you.

Use a toning treatment mask. We recommend Schwarzkopf Professional Chroma ID Bonding Mask. These can be mixed bespoke for your hair depending on the tone you choose. They’re easy to use and also help to protect the bonds in your hair to preserve the condition. These are also ideal if you are prone to changing your tone frequently, they offer low commitment whilst helping to preserve the condition of your hair.

Use heat protector. A heat protector is essential to protect colour from fading or dulling fast. Heat can also cause damage and even breakage. Using a heat protector will protect against this too.

The culprit for any brassy tones that may appear can also be due to traces of metal from pipe and soil erosion in the water where you live. Lincolnshire where we are located is a hard water area so we are used to managing this situation for our clients. Every time you’re under the shower head, metals are penetrating your hair through the water. This creates a build-up that can begin to break apart and alter hair colour molecules, quickly deteriorating colour and making hair look brassy with no dimension. To get ahead of mineral and metal damage you could purchase a water filter to eliminate the impurities that can ruin your colour.

If you’ve been unable to prevent it don’t worry, we can do an in-salon Detox Treatment before we apply your toner refresh. This will remove any hard water minerals and other residues. Leaving your blonde hair bright and healthy looking.

Book in for our Schwarzkopf Professional Detox and Tone Treatment. The Detox Treatment prior to your toner will remove traces of metals built up over time and seal the hair to prevent further absorption.

Following our homecare advice will ensure your appointments run smoothly when you visit us

Blonde hair highlights 1

Is it possible to achieve blonde hair without using bleach on my hair?

Sometimes. Whether this is achievable depends on how dark your natural colour is, how light you want your finished result to be and what colour has previously been applied to your hair. Our stylists have the full range of hi-lift tints available to them and will know if these could be an option for you.

I’ve previously used henna on my hair. Can I go blonde?

In a word no! You will need to either grow out the hair which has previously had henna applied to it or have the length removed to get rid of it. Although henna is perceived as a natural product it actually causes a build-up of metallic salts on hair.

These metallic salts can cause a chemical reaction which will cause the hair to heat up. In this situation we would have to wash the lightening product off regardless of the stage in the lifting process.

This is one of the things we test for at your initial consultation.

I’ve been using a black box dye at home. Can I go blonde?

This type of process is a journey and you will need to be sure that’s what you want and are in it for the long haul. You can expect to be in the salon a few hours each time for anywhere between 3-5 sittings of highlights over a period of 9 -12 months. It will take patience and commitment to the condition of your hair to achieve your goal.

Throughout your journey you will need to have a regular trim. We can often get you to where you would like to be quicker with regards to your colour if you are prepared to have a regular trim to remove any damage from previous colouring processes.

When we are lightening hair as hairdressers, we are dancing a fine line between achieving the shade you desire and damaging your hair. This is why our stylists keep a close eye on your hair throughout the lightening process and won’t push the condition of your hair too far.

Your hair is made up of keratin chains, it is those that hold your hair together. In recent years hairdressing technology has progressed with the introduction of bond builders (plex systems) these connect all the bonds back together. Our Schwarzkopf lifting products all contain bond builders (Schwarzkopf’s is called Fibre Plex) and we use K18 in-salon. However we still need to proceed with caution.

You will need to use our recommended home care regime to protect and maintain the keratin chains in your hair throughout the process.

Some box dyes also leave metallic salts on the hair which will cause the same problem as with henna.

Hair colour is made up of the three primary colours, blue, red & yellow. When we lighten hair the depth will remove easily, followed by any blue pigment tones, red and yellow then follow in that order.

Hair has three stages of hair growth, at any one time one third of your hair is growing, one third is resting and one third is shedding as is the normal hair growth cycle. So, they are all growing out from the scalp at slightly different rates. This is why it is important that you attend regular appointments to keep your colour looking it’s best. The longer you leave it between salon visits the more integration there will be between the different stages. This then causes a problem of not wanting to overlap our application due to the hair condition versus achieving an even blend for you. We highly recommend booking your appointments ahead so you don’t inadvertently leave it too long between each one.

My stylist has refused to lighten my hair! Why is that and what can I do?

We appreciate it’s disappointing if you’ve got your heart set on something. However, if one of our stylists has taken this stance it’s not something they would do lightly & without good reason. We want all of our clients to be happy with their hair and our knowledge & experience tells us when not to proceed. Despite what we would like to achieve the science of the process will always win.

The reason we or any hair colourist will make this decision is down to three reasons.

Most commonly it will be due to the condition of your hair. We won’t put our reputation on the line. It’s no good your hair being platinum blonde if it’s no longer attached to your head! In this situation we would strongly recommend a course of in-salon hair treatments and good homecare to strengthen your hair which along with a regular trim will overtime enable your hair to withstand the colouring process.

Secondly, if our tests show that there are metallic salts on your hair due to previous use of henna or some box dyes this will mean we are unable to colour your hair. Metallic salts can cause a chemical reaction which will cause the hair to heat up. In this situation we would have to wash the lightening product off regardless of the stage in the lifting process.

The third reason which is a rare occurrence would be that we can see that your expectations aren’t realistic and we have been unable to manage them! Depending on your natural hair colour and previous hair colour history you may need to be prepared to change your desired shade in order to maintain the integrity of your hair.

To get expert advice, book your consultation anytime with one of our stylists via our online booking or by calling us on 01526 342309 during salon opening hours.

We’re looking forward to meeting you.

Image Credit Schwarzkopf Professional

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