Our stylists have an extensive range of products from Schwarzkopf Professional available to them, including a vegan friendly range, so that they can prescribe the perfect colour service and aftercare advice for your hair.
It’s as important to us, as it is to you that you look and feel fantastic every day until your next appointment - not just when you step out of our salon. 

Our service to you always begins with an in-depth consultation, where your stylist will take the time to listen to your needs. During your consultation your stylist will discuss with you; your hair history, your short and long term hair goals, and develop a plan of action to help you achieve and maintain them. Inspiration pictures are a great help during your consultation to ensure we understand exactly the style and colour you’re going for. Our consultation helps your stylist to get to know you and will ensure you develop a trusting, long term relationship with them.
Your stylist will use exclusive technology to give you a detailed hair diagnosis and monitor the condition of your hair throughout your hair journey with us ensuring your hair is kept strong, glossy and at its best.

To ensure consistency each time you visit us, we use scales to weigh out your personalised colour prescription. 
Our partnership with Schwarzkopf Professional ensures we work in a sustainable and conscious way, reducing our carbon footprint in as many ways as we possibly can.


Not sure what you need to book in for?

Book in for a consultation and bring some inspiration pictures with you. Your stylist will be able to advise you which application techniques will be needed to achieve your desired look.

In the meantime a brief explanation of all of our colour techniques is below.

Colouring Services


Looking for a classic, full head colour? Whether it’s natural shades to give a subtle, classic look or more intense colours that deliver a real statement, at John & Associates we can help you achieve perfection with a full head colour application. Creating a shine that will transform your hairstyle.



If your roots are showing through we can apply colour coverage to regrowth areas, and to help brighten and freshen up your colour we can apply a colour refresh to the tips too.



We’ll place foils through your hair working with your style. We will then paint a full head colour application around your foils to ensure full coverage whilst giving a gorgeous mix of colour.

Pricing for our colour & foils is dependent on the length and thickness of your hair and your desired effect. Your stylist will provide a quote at your consultation.



Highlights give a classic sun kissed look. Your stylist will know which foiling technique to use to achieve the perfect highlight coverage you are looking for.

To protect your hair, our colours & lighteners are integrated with Fibreplex to protect and strengthen the bonds in your hair.

Pricing for our highlights is in 15 minute increments based on the time your hair takes, this is dependent on the length and thickness of your hair and the effect you would like.



After your hair is lightened, toners are applied to add your desired tone and ensure the results are even with a beautiful gloss and shine.

Toners will typically last 12 washes so the length of time will depend how often you wash your hair. If you shampoo your hair every day they will last around 12 days, if you shampoo your hair twice a week they will last 6 weeks!



We all need a little rejuvenation now and then! Whether it’s a colour rejuvenation or a deep condition and shine that is needed, we have the answer. 

Creative Colouring


Giving a natural and subtle look, Balayage comes from the French word, meaning ‘to sweep’

Your stylist will create your bespoke look by freehand painting lightness through your hair to create shadows of light and dark to contour your hair.

Balayage requires regular appointments to maintain the perfect shade, tone and seamless blend from season to season. Your look can be adapted with the seasons to add lift for spring/summer or enrich for winter.



Another French term! This one means ‘shaded’ It is the gradual blending of one colour hue to another, usually resulting in a dark to light effect.

To keep it blended regular maintenance every 4-6 weeks is required if you have opted for a darker colour on your roots



The bridge in-between Balayage & Ombre. Colour melt is a soft graduation of two or more shades, usually from the same colour family to achieve maximum blending. Melting is a technique that blends the highlights with the base colour of your hair so you don’t have any harsh lines, a seamless flow is created so you cannot tell where one colour starts and another ends.

To maintain your colour melt, the frequency of appointments will depend on the colours chosen. With soft natural colours, the maintenance will be low but if you opt for brighter colours or a shade very different to your natural root colour then a touch-up every 4-6 weeks will be necessary.



Perfect if you like being lighter but hate the regrowth and harsh lines that you get. Your chosen root colour is stretched down in to your hair so subtly that it looks like grown out roots. It is achieved by either selecting a colour very similar to your own for less maintenance or you can go bolder which will require to be refreshed more frequently.



From bold and bright to soft and subtle, if you fancy something creative that makes you stand out from the crowd then this is for you.

They will typically last 12 washes so the length of time will depend how often you wash your hair. If you shampoo your hair daily they will last around 12 days, if you shampoo your hair twice a week they will last 6 weeks! Your stylist will recommend the perfect product for you to maintain your colour at home.


If you fancy a colour change or perhaps a previous colour hasn’t turned out quite as you had hoped, you will need the expertise and knowledge of one of our stylists to ensure you achieve your hair goal whilst maintaining the strength & condition of your hair.

Please book a consultation where your stylist will be able to discuss what outcome is achievable, the timeframe and homecare commitment involved and also provide you with a quote.



We adhere to our colour responsible policy to protect your health. All global colour applications involve contact of tint onto the scalp and will require a regular skin test to be carried out.

All clients who are new to our salon must have a skin test to check for any reaction at least 48 hours prior to their colour service with us. This will be carried out by your stylist during your consultation.

Going forward from there all clients must have a skin test every 6 months.



Your stylist will recommend correct and effective colour protection shampoo to prevent colour fade for you to use at home. We don’t guarantee the results and longevity of your colour if you are using poor quality products at home. 

Image Credit Schwarzkopf Professional

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