As the outdoor temperature drops and the indoor heating rises it’s time to tweak your skin care routine. The colder season means a drop in humidity, causing your skin to lose water to the atmosphere by evaporation, a process known as Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL).  

Most of us will spend more time indoors with central heating which will increase TEWL, as will the effects of wind if you spend a lot of time outdoors. Without sufficient water in the lower layers your skin will be dehydrated causing it to be dull, flaky and sensitive, it can also feel tight and appear high in colour.

Throughout the winter months it’s important to continue to apply your SPF daily, even though the sun doesn’t feel as strong at this time, UVA is still present and will be potentially damaging your skin cells.

During winter we recommend our clients switch to a heavier moisturiser, one that contains oil & water, such as Nimue Multi Day+ and Multi Night+. Both of these contain hyaluronic acid to help reduce TEWL.

Another product we would recommend for winter skin is Nimue’s Element Barrier which contains liquid crystal technology, to trap water in the lower layers of the skin to help prevent TEWL. Element Barrier also helps with regulating skin temperature which is great if you work outdoors or suffer with flushing when moving from hot to cold temperatures and vice versa.

If you have any concerns with your skin especially those concerning pigmentation now is the ideal time to start. Peels used to treat pigmentation can make the skin more photo-sensitive so treating pigmentation during the summer can be counterproductive.

If your skin is suffering due to effects of winter or you would like further information on improving pigmentation, please get in touch for a skin consultation.

Image Credit Schwarzkopf Professional

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